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Ama­zon sword plants, Echin­odorus sp., have bold, blade shaped leaves and grow into an im­pres­sive rosette of fo­liage given time. Many va­ri­eties can get quite big (60cm/24in) high, but if you have the space there are few aquatic plants that are more im­pres­sive. While they will do best in a nu­tri­ent rich sub­strate, they are tough enough to get by in just sand or gravel, with per­haps the oc­ca­sional feed via a ‘root tab’ type fer­tiliser.

For those with smaller tanks, dwarf va­ri­eties are avail­able as well as forms with more colour­ful leaves if plain green isn’t for you. Once es­tab­lished they spread via run­ners and can pop up all over your tank floor giv­ing a nat­u­ral look. Like many aquatic plants they tend to be grown com­mer­cially with only the roots in wa­ter, so can die back once sub­merged in your tank; give them time and they’ll soon sprout new leaves and re­cover. Be aware that veg­e­tar­ian fish species will find their leaves a tasty treat.

Echin­odorus sp. ‘Barthii’ is one for larger tanks.

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