How do I stop my veg float­ing?

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Peter Wright

This may well be the daftest ques­tion of the week. I have read that plecs like to eat cour­gette, so de­cided to try some to­day. But how do I get the thing to sink? It’s just bob­bing about the sur­face laugh­ing at me!

Lau­rin Mclaren

Spear it with a tea­spoon (no sharp edges) or you can buy a thing called a ‘Screwcum­ber’, which is de­signed for that very job.

Brett Felix Meese

Stick a fork in it!

Dar­ren Oliver

I’d ad­vise a tea­spoon or a ‘Screwcum­ber’, as men­tioned above.

Dorothy Dorkins

Stick a plant strip into it — the ones that are used to keep bunches of plants to­gether. It will stay at the bot­tom then.

Peter Bee­hurst

I use a broken heater sucker at­tach­ment. I just at­tach the cour­gette to that and then stick it to the side of the tank.

Richard Moss

I use plant lead weights to hold down sweet potato — plecs love it.

Tracy Miles

Outwit­ted by a cour­gette. Love it! You need a ‘fish clip’ — they’re about a quid on ebay.

Peter Wright

Thanks for all your help, ev­ery­one. I think the suc­tion cup wins.

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