Doitsu Hari­wake

Practical Fishkeeping (UK) - - Koi -

De­mand for good ex­am­ples of this va­ri­ety is al­ways strong be­cause it is so hard to pro­duce high qual­ity in­di­vid­u­als. Many good qual­ity to­sai can be found each year but the yel­low tends to be un­sta­ble, mean­ing that as they grow the colour can be lost, leav­ing be­hind a Doitsu Pu­rachina.

Skin lus­tre is very im­por­tant with this va­ri­ety be­ing a metal­lic fish, and the hue of the yel­low colour can vary from a strong orange through to a very light yel­low.

If you do buy a small ex­am­ple to en­joy watch­ing it grow, go for a fish with quite a solid pat­tern on the body as these tend to be more sta­ble.

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