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Re­sponses to our ques­tions ‘Mid-heat­wave — how do you go about keep­ing your tanks cool when the mer­cury rises? Any­one ever cooled a pond?’

Ruben Braam: As long it isn’t this hot for weeks in a row, no wor­ries here. Most fish can han­dle it for short pe­ri­ods.

Aaron Cor­nish: I turn the lights off and leave the hood open and that re­ally helps. Also whack in an air stone or point fil­ter out­lets out of the sur­face to drive sur­face move­ment.

Ma­son Bell: Switch off the heater for a cou­ple of days and keep the lid open.

Phil Roberts: Heaters off , not that they would be on any­way. In­crease sur­face move­ment; bot­tles of iced wa­ter on standby just in case.

Howard Mi­att: Small fan blow­ing across the sur­face of the wa­ter will cool it but in­creases evap­o­ra­tion, so you will need to do reg­u­lar top ups.

Si­mon Cordey: Have a well in­su­lated fish room like I do. 28°C year round. No need for heaters or cool­ers. Cooler lov­ing fish go on lower racks.

Tessa Walsh: I made frozen RO ice cubes for my marine tank last year. It also helped with evap­o­ra­tion.

Ge­orge Everett: My In­fin­ity pool is at 25°C — I’ve lost four min­nows and a Comet. All my air stones are in there al­ready, with wa­ter changes and ice cubes on the go.

Paul Shel­ley: Why do peo­ple say ‘heater off ’. That’s a bad idea as the tem­per­a­ture might drop dur­ing the night. Turn­ing heaters off dur­ing the day will do noth­ing to cool the tank as they are con­trolled by a ther­mo­stat and won’t heat the tank any higher if the wa­ter is al­ready hot.

Beat the heat with an in­su­lated fish house.

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