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These colour­ful ci­ch­lids owe their generic name of Mikro­geoph­a­gus to their char­ac­ter­is­tic habit of dig­ging in the sub­strate: mikros- (Greek) means small; -geo- (Greek) earth, and -pha­gos (Greek) eater, which adds up to “small earth­e­ater”.

But fear not — these fish do not de­stroy plants like their big­ger earth­e­ater cousins, so the aquarium can be planted.

Mikro­geoph­a­gus ramirezi was dis­cov­ered by Her­man Blass from Florida and a Venezue­lan, Manuel Vin­cente Ramirez. In 1947 Blass brought the fish they had caught to the USA and named them ‘ramirezi’ in honor of his trav­el­ling com­pan­ion. The spe­cific ep­i­thet of

Mikro­geoph­a­gus al­tispinosa, on the other hand, refers to the elon­gated first ray of the dor­sal fin: al­tus (Latin) means high, and spinosus is spiny. These are the two sci­en­tif­i­cally de­scribed species that com­prise the genus.

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