Practical Fishkeeping (UK) - - Cichlids -

Orig­i­nally, in 1948 (My­ers & Harry) these fish were placed in the genus

Apis­togramma. Then in 1957, Hans Frey sug­gested erect­ing a whole new genus for them: Mi­cro­geoph­a­gus (note the c). It was not, how­ever, ac­cepted by other sci­en­tists, as the de­scrip­tion was not pre­cise enough to be con­sid­ered sci­en­tif­i­cally valid. In 1968 Meu­len­gracht-mad­sen de­scribed the genus cor­rectly and in­tro­duced Mikro­geoph­a­gus (with a k). This is now con­sid­ered the cor­rect name, and Mi­cro­geoph­a­gus Frey its syn­onym.

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