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Amanda Jayne Bar­ritt I’m a huge su­per­hero fan and so far I have Har­lequins, Pen­guins and some Neons which my boy picked be­cause they looked like Spi­der­man. I’m look­ing at get­ting some Black wid­ows soon, but I just won­dered if any­one out there can think of any other fish that have a su­per­hero-re­lated name — just for a bit of fun, mind!

Paul Robin­son How about hatch­et­fish as the Sil­ver Surfer?

Steven Baker Or Di­a­mond te­tra?

Karen Car­ragher Green Lantern Platies? …or An­gelfish (for An­gel from the X-men) or Black phan­tom te­tra for Phan­tom Girl?

Paul Robin­son How about Plat(y) Man?

Steven Baker What about Bat­man snails, Neripteron au­ric­u­lata?

Bob Me­hen I’m not sug­gest­ing th­ese as com­pat­i­ble stock, just su­per­hero themed fish, but how about (Guardians of the) Galaxy ras­b­o­ras and Golden won­der (woman) pan­chax? (Golden won­der pan­chax would most likely eat the Galaxy ras­b­ora and the Neons!)

Amanda Jayne Bar­ritt I bought five Black wid­ows this af­ter­noon, so they’re sit­ting in the bag wait­ing to meet the rest of the ‘squad’...

Pen­guin tetra.

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