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This is an un­known fish, which we found at Pier Aquat­ics in Wi­gan, and which I have been des­per­ately try­ing to find any­thing on for weeks now. Hans Evers has ten­ta­tively named it Hete­rocharax sp. ‘Rio Nanay’. After a lot of trawl­ing, where I was torn some­where be­tween Lon­gochenys and Hete­rocharax, the clos­est I’ve found is a sin­gle batch of red, ghosty fish that went to the Far East, branded as Hete­rocharax sp. ‘Blue Neon’ but were nei­ther blue nor neon. So, I’m de­fer­ring to Hans’ name — H. sp. ‘Rio Nanay’ it is…

They came to the UK via Peru, and as far as I know, Pier is the only place that has had this species in the UK. I re­call them be­ing marked as ‘Red eye ghost tetra’.

Be­yond that, I re­ally can­not tell you any­thing about them. They look like they have some fine teeth on them, so I’d keep them away from flowy fins. Ev­ery­thing else is guess­work based on what we know of other Hete­rocharax species.

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