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A bit of an odd­ity here, but Wild­woods in En­field had a few of th­ese shy fel­lows on sale. The of­fi­cial name given is Distichodus affi­nis ‘Gold’ which does toss a bit of a span­ner in the works be­cause I’ve never seen an affi­nis with red eyes — which th­ese fish have.

D. affi­nis is pretty com­mon now, and you’ve prob­a­bly seen some if you visit a few dif­fer­ent stores. They’re in that ‘slightly too big’ cat­e­gory for a lot of tanks, reach­ing about 20cm, and be­ing thick­set with it, so they tend to linger on sale for a while.

They’re also hun­gry for their greens. I’ve seen guys make the mis­take of putting them into planted tanks, and im­me­di­ately their blank faces and soul­less eyes make a bee­line for the fo­liage, which they strip like lo­custs.

Still, they’re hardy and tol­er­ant to a range of wa­ter chemistries, and get them in a big enough tank with the right crowd (sim­i­lar sized cats and ci­ch­lids in a com­mu­nity, usu­ally, or bet­ter still an African tank with Congo tetra, Polypterids and Syn­odon­tis) and they fit in just great.

In­ter­est­ing fact — gold is just one of many colour morphs, which may even­tu­ally turn out to be sep­a­rate species.

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