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Dave Hulse, Tetra’s Tech­ni­cal Ex­pert pro­vides his top tips for those look­ing to join the fish­keep­ing hobby:

1 Do your re­search: Learn about the im­por­tance of wa­ter qual­ity, feed­ing a proper diet, pro­vid­ing the right sized tank and the fish you’re look­ing to keep.

2 Choose fish most suited to your

ex­pe­ri­ence: There are thou­sands of species and va­ri­eties of trop­i­cal fish that can be kept in aquaria, but some have highly spe­cial­ist re­quire­ments and should only be kept by ex­pe­ri­enced fish­keep­ers. How­ever, there are lots of danio, barb, tetra or ras­b­ora species that make ex­cel­lent starter fishes.

3 Se­lect a suit­able lo­ca­tion for your

aquar­ium: Your tank needs to be sited in a quiet corner of a room out of di­rect sun­light, to pre­vent al­gae growth. Keep­ing a tank in a kitchen is usu­ally avoided as volatile odours from cook­ing and clean­ing prod­ucts can en­ter the wa­ter and harm the fish.

4 Test the wa­ter reg­u­larly:

Suc­cess­ful fish­keep­ing starts with man­ag­ing the wa­ter qual­ity of the aquar­ium as it high­lights trends which can be mon­i­tored and iden­ti­fies prob­lems be­fore they cause harm to the fish. Tetra’s free wa­ter test­ing app, speeds up and sim­pli­fies wa­ter test­ing.

5 Speak to your re­tailer: If you have any ques­tions about the hobby or your aquar­ium, don’t be afraid to ask. Staff at your aquatic shop will be happy to pro­vide the in­for­ma­tion you need.

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