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What fish would you like to keep?

On the fresh wa­ter side I would like a large group of Tropheus ikola ‘Kaiser’. I kept and bred var­i­ous Tan­ganyikan ci­ch­lids for years but never got round to keep­ing Tropheus. Then I had to sell all my larger aquar­i­ums due to down­siz­ing our house, so have now fo­cused on my 250 l ma­rine tank.

If in the fu­ture I’m able to set up a large reef tank I would like an Achilles tang, Acan­thu­rus achilles, be­cause they are a truly stun­ning fish.

What would be your dream aquar­ium?

A 10 x 3 x3ft Lake Tan­ganyika biotope or a mixed reef of the same di­men­sions.

Achilles tang.

Lake Tan­ganyika has plenty to of­fer for a biotope tank.

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