Breed­ing be­hav­iour

When keep­ing Flyer ci­ch­lids, you’ll be re­ally miss­ing out if you don’t try to breed them, as they ex­hibit very in­ter­est­ing be­hav­iour.

Practical Fishkeeping (UK) - - Cichlids -

1 A suit­able pair will start pair bond­ing by fan­ning their fins and gill flar­ing. The top fish is in fact a fe­male and is start­ing to dis­play brood­ing colours, likely to at­tract the male fish.

3 Once they have cho­sen a suit­able spawn­ing site, the pair of Flyer ci­ch­lids will de­posit around 200 eggs or more. In this case, a ver­ti­cal rock has been used.

2 Once the pair has suc­cess­fully bonded, they will stake out a ter­ri­tory. Both fish un­dergo a dra­matic colour change to dark bars on a light grey body. This photo shows the male ex­ca­vat­ing and spit­ting out sand.

4 The eggs will hatch and fry will emerge in around 6–7 days. Be­fore they be­come free swim­ming, you may see the par­ents hang­ing the fry like wash­ing on a bushy plant or a piece of decor.

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