Three of a kind

There are other clean­ers in the genus Labroides, as well as ‘part time’ cleaner wrasse species.

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The BICOLOUR WRASSE, Labroides bi­color, from the Indo-pa­cific, grows to 15cm/6in. There are sev­eral geo­graphic colour vari­ants. It does form clean­ing sta­tions, but may ac­tively scour the reef tout­ing for busi­ness. A chal­leng­ing, ob­li­gate cleaner.

The BLACKSPOT CLEANER WRASSE, Labroides pec­toralis, is an­other chal­leng­ing species. It hails from the West­ern Pa­cific and grows to 10cm/4in. There are sev­eral colour morphs, but the com­mon name is de­rived from the dark spot near the pec­toral fins.

The FOURLINED CLEANER WRASSE, Lara­bi­cus quadri­lin­ea­tus, is a Red Sea en­demic that reaches around 11cm/4.2in. While ju­ve­niles of this species act as clean­ers, the adult fishes’ diet in­cludes coral polyps, mak­ing them risky ad­di­tions to a reef tank.

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