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Our pick of the lat­est prod­ucts, in­clud­ing three aquar­ium lights tried and tested, plus a first look at a new Te­tra starter tank and a sim­ple bio fil­ter.

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This 80-litre tank is the third in the series of Starter Line tanks pro­duced by Te­tra. It con­tin­ues the rel­a­tively ba­sic, ro­bust and easy-to-use de­sign of its pre­de­ces­sors, but of­fers more wa­ter vol­ume than the 30 l and 54 l mod­els pre­vi­ously avail­able.

The new 80 l tank shares the same foot­print as the 54 l model. Both mea­sure 60cm in length and 30cm in width, but with a 45cm height (51cm in­clud­ing the lid) the 80 l is 15cm taller, which al­lows for the ex­tra wa­ter vol­ume. The equip­ment is suit­ably up­rated with a 10-watt LED light, 75-watt heater­stat and a 7.5-watt fil­ter pro­vid­ing a max­i­mum flow of 600l/h. It all comes with a two-year war­ranty.

The 75w heater is pre-set to 25°C and sits neatly into a cham­ber of the

fil­ter hous­ing, re­sult­ing in heated wa­ter ex­it­ing the fil­ter that’s pushed around the tank. This method helps to pre­vent any cool pock­ets of wa­ter in the aquar­ium.

The light is pretty punchy. It’s im­pres­sive how far 10w can go with LEDS but the spec­trum is rather ba­sic, pro­vid­ing a stark white light. This is per­fectly good for view­ing fish and grow­ing un­de­mand­ing plants, but if you strug­gle with get­ting plants to flour­ish you may need to in­vest in ex­tra light­ing.

Look­ing at the Easy­crys­tal fil­ter out of con­text, it’s a bulky look­ing thing. Roughly a third of the size is set aside to house the heater. But put it into a work­ing tank and you might be sur­prised how eas­ily it be­comes vis­ually in­signif­i­cant with a few plants or hard­scape in front of it. The fil­ter has a re­place­able car­bon and floss car­tridge (the tank in­cludes two car­tridges), which need to be re­placed ev­ery four weeks, plus a high sur­face area board at the front as bi­o­log­i­cal me­dia.

The flow is not pres­surised from the pump, rather the wa­ter is pumped into the fil­ter and ex­its with gen­tle move­ment.

The tank is con­structed from 6mm float glass with black sil­i­cone work and a float­ing base. The lid is formed from sturdy moulded plas­tic and in­cor­po­rates the light­ing bracket, ven­ti­la­tion and a hinged ac­cess lid for daily feed­ing.

Ex­tras in­clude two things you can’t do with­out – tap wa­ter con­di­tioner (100ml, treats 200 litres), and fish food (20g), as well as the spare fil­ter car­tridge.

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