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Sci­en­tific name: Bo­tia dario Pro­nun­ci­a­tion: Bow-tee-ah da-ree-oh Size: 12-15cm Ori­gin: North­ern In­dia, Bangladesh and Bhutan Habi­tat: Found in fast-flow­ing, clear moun­tain streams

with rocky struc­tures and bedrock sub­strate Tank size: 120x45x45cm for five fish Wa­ter re­quire­ments: 6.5-7.5 ph, 3-10°H Tem­per­a­ture: 23-26°C Tem­per­a­ment: Ac­tive, play­ful and peace­ful Feed­ing: Om­ni­vore – sink­ing pel­lets, wafers and al­gae

wafers, frozen and live­foods Avail­abil­ity and cost: Quite com­mon; around £9

The Queen loach you’ll see in the shops is vis­ually the clos­est match for Clown loaches – the stripes are bolder than the Candy loach and closer in colour than the Burmese loach. As with the oth­ers though, the im­ma­ture fish from the shop will change in ap­pear­ance as they ma­ture. In this case, the golden bars will shrink un­til they’re ‘pin-stripe’ thin. This species is said to ap­pre­ci­ate or need greater num­bers for a com­mu­nity. Some ad­vise 10 as a base group, while oth­ers who have kept just three say they’ve been ac­tive, healthy and non-ag­gres­sive.

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