Which ci­ch­lids can I keep with my Tigers?

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I re­cently up­graded to a 450 l/100 gal tank. I moved three Clown loaches of ap­prox­i­mately 13.5cm each and 12 Tiger barbs into it from one of my smaller tanks. I would now like to in­tro­duce some ci­ch­lids. I’m a fan of

Geoph­a­gus species – how­ever, I’m not sure how they will fare with the bois­ter­ous Tiger barbs!

Can you please sug­gest a gre­gar­i­ous cich­lid that will be able to stand up for it­self, but won’t see the Tiger barbs as a tasty snack? AU­GUSTA DOREY, EMAIL

JEREMY SAYS: All Geoph­a­gus will be able to cope with the bois­ter­ous na­ture of Tiger barbs, but many Geoph­a­gus species de­velop those flow­ing dor­sal and anal fin fil­a­ments that will lit­er­ally be lost to the Tigers as they will nip them off. Geoph­a­gus brasilien­sis, how­ever, doesn’t have those and is hardy and ro­bust, so it would make a great choice for your new set-up.

Also from South Amer­ica are the Acaras, with the Blue acara,

Andi­noacara pul­cher, be­ing suit­able and widely avail­able, but you could also opt for any Ae­quidens, like A. metae or A. di­adema. True Cich­la­soma por­tale­grense would be suit­able, along with any of the Severums. Or what about Cen­tral Amer­i­can ci­ch­lids like the Blue-eyed cich­lid, Cryp­to­heros spil­u­rus

Tiger barbs need the right tank­mates to avoid nip­ping is­sues.

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