Will the win­dow light cause me an al­gae prob­lem?

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I re­cently bought a 180 l/20 gal Juwel bow-fronted fish tank. Due to the po­si­tion of the win­dows in my liv­ing room, the sun­light will catch a quar­ter of the tank in the evening. Will this cause an al­gae prob­lem? should I fit blinds to the win­dow? PETER STACK, EMAIL

BOB says: Al­gae needs three key things to thrive: light, wa­ter and nu­tri­ents. Too much nat­u­ral day­light can cause prob­lems, so sit­ing a tank away from di­rect sun­shine is usu­ally a good idea (al­though some­times you get to see your fish in a lit­eral ‘new light’ when they are bathed in sun­shine).

How­ever, if you have plenty of plant growth in the tank then the al­gae of­ten can’t com­pete for light or nu­tri­ents, so it won’t be a ma­jor is­sue, apart from per­haps on the front glass which is sim­ple to re­move with a soft sponge scourer.

If this fails, then mak­ing sure you have a reg­u­lar light pe­riod of six to eight hours and keep­ing the blinds drawn will help.

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