Why is oxy­gen im­por­tant?

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The shal­low streams of the llanos are not only sunny and plant-filled, but also have high oxy­gen lev­els. At a pinch, Otos can gulp air, us­ing their spe­cially mod­i­fied swim blad­der as a kind of lung, but in the longer term th­ese cat­fish re­ally do need clean, oxy­gen-rich wa­ter in or­der to do well.

Don’t try to keep your Otocin­clus in an over­stocked tank with min­i­mal wa­ter move­ment be­cause they won’t thrive in th­ese con­di­tions. At the same time, don’t as­sume they’ll be happy in a hill­stream biotope ei­ther – th­ese are fish from slow-mov­ing low­land creeks and rivers, not fast-flow­ing high­land streams. Brisk fil­tra­tion and mod­er­ate stock­ing are the keys to suc­cess, al­though it’s im­por­tant to avoid very high tem­per­a­tures too, as the warmer the wa­ter, the less oxy­gen it holds.

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