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al­bino Threadfin acara the theadfin acara isn’t a rare fish by any means, but we’ve never seen them avail­able as al­bi­nos be­fore.

Sci­en­tific name: Acarichthys heck­e­lii Ori­gin: north ama­zon basin: Peru, colom­bia, Brazil and guyana Habi­tat: Wide, low­land rivers with fallen wood, leaf lit­ter and fine sand. Of­ten ven­tures into flooded forests and sa­van­nahs dur­ing the wet sea­son Size: Up to 20cm Tem­per­a­ture: 24-30°c Wa­ter: Un­fussy – 6.0-7.8 ph, hard­ness 4-20°h Feed­ing: Un­fussy mid-wa­ter om­ni­vore – pel­lets, frozen and live

foods. Va­ri­ety is said to be the key to colour­ful spec­i­mens Tem­per­a­ment: Very peace­ful for a lar­gish fish. May eat fish of 2-3cm or less. Mix with other peace­ful to semi-ag­gres­sive fish that suit the same con­di­tions Price: £30

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