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Spec: 61-85cm 32w Tester: Steve Baker Du­ra­tion: 5 weeks RRP: £199.99 More info: ha­gen.com

This is ex­actly what I wanted. I have the older ver­sion (Fresh & Plant 2.0) which of­fers a very good spec­trum and more than enough power, but it has no con­trol­la­bil­ity, just an on/off/ blues switch. This new, im­proved model, how­ever, has fully cus­tomis­able dawn and dusk set­tings that ramp the lights up and down over what­ever pe­riod you choose. Day­time (and night-time) spec­trum set­tings use five colours (pink, blue, cold white, pure white and warm white) to get the de­sired ef­fect. Even in a heav­ily planted palu­dar­ium, I had to throt­tle it back a fair old way.

The sur­prise for me was the app. I don’t tend to em­brace tech­nol­ogy eas­ily; other than so­cial me­dia this was the first app I’d in­stalled on my phone and it’s been a breeze to use. It con­nects via Blue­tooth, not Wifi, and I’ve found the con­nec­tion fault­less each time I’ve wanted to fid­dle with the set­tings.

Price-wise, I reckon £200 is rea­son­able. I think you could buy two £100 light units and end up with less. But the RRP isn’t nec­es­sar­ily the price you’ll pay; with­out search­ing too hard I’ve al­ready seen this model at £150 which seems very good value to me!

Oh, it’s also IP67 wa­ter­proof rated, so if you dunk it in the tank for 30 min­utes or less, it’ll still be fine.

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