Ma­rine tanks are ma­rine tanks, right? Well, no. From the start you need to choose whether you want big or small, and which kinds of crea­tures you’d like to keep.

Practical Fishkeeping (UK) - - Marine Guide -

YOUR MA­RINE op­tions are roughly spread along the lines of ‘reef tank’ or ‘fish only’. As a new­comer, a reef tank might be the one you have in mind – a colour­ful ar­ray of corals, shrimps, snails and fish, over a well-de­signed lay­out of rocks and sand. But it’s also quite a dif­fi­cult tank to set up and main­tain. Al­ter­na­tively, a fish-only set-up is just that – an aquar­ium with a hand­ful of pretty ma­rine fish swim­ming about, but with­out live corals and other in­ver­te­brates. Fish-only tanks are the eas­ier of the types to keep, but with­out corals dec­o­rat­ing the lay­out, they’re the less colour­ful op­tion.

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