A bal­anced diet for ev­ery­one

In or­der to keep your live­stock at its best, you’ll need to of­fer ap­pro­pri­ate, high-qual­ity meals. And it’s not just fish that need their daily ra­tions – corals need con­sid­er­a­tion too!

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Feed­ing your fish

Spe­cial­ist ma­rine flakes will suf­fice for many fish. Th­ese con­tain a good bal­ance of dif­fer­ent in­gre­di­ents that pro­vide a nu­tri­tion­ally com­plete diet.

Of­fer food more reg­u­larly for plank­ton feed­ers. Species like An­thias may need four or five small meals a day just to sur­vive.

Live Artemia is rel­ished by most ma­rine fish, but ir­ra­di­ated frozen Artemia of­fers a safer al­ter­na­tive. Feed a frozen diet at least twice a week.

Frozen foods in gen­eral are ex­cel­l­lent, but be sure to mix it up. En­riched Artemia and My­sis should be sta­ples in your freezer, but also look at krill, chopped squid and green foods.

Many fish en­joy seaweed and var­i­ous veg­eta­bles. At­tach some to the glass with a feed­ing clip, and let the fish graze at their leisure.

Turn down any pumps while feed­ing to give the fish a chance to eat. Some pumps even have a ‘feed­ing’ set­ting for ex­actly this.

Any un­eaten food should be re­moved with a net af­ter a few min­utes.

Feed­ing your in­verts

Some types of coral need to be fed a finely pow­dered or liq­uid food that they fil­ter from the wa­ter. When feed­ing corals, turn off the protein skim­mer for a short while, as it may in­ad­ver­tantly re­move the food from the wa­ter.

Al­ways fol­low the dosage in­struc­tions on the pack closely, even if it doesn’t look as if much food is go­ing in. Giv­ing too much coral food will play havoc with your wa­ter qual­ity.

Pre­pare to ‘tar­get feed’ some types of coral. This in­volves load­ing a pipette or sy­ringe with food and squirt­ing a small amount di­rectly at the corals.

Clean­ing crew, such as her­mit crabs or snails, will also need feed­ing as they won’t be able to to sur­vive by re­ly­ing on scraps and left­overs. Of­fer small morsels of meaty food like brineshrimp.

An­thias needs lots of small feeds.

Food clips will let graz­ing fish eat through the day.

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