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THE OR­ANGE AND TEAL LOOK IS an ex­tremely pop­u­lar way of colour­grad­ing movies. The idea is to make or­ange and teal the two dom­i­nant tones within the scene, al­low­ing the or­ange skin hue to pop out against the cool, teal back­ground. Here’s how you can get sim­i­lar re­sults in Pho­to­shop or El­e­ments.

GE­NIUS Du­pli­cate your Gra­di­ent Map with Ctrl+J to get a stronger ef­fect, and ad­just the strength with the Layer Opac­ity slider

Add a Gra­di­ent Map Layer

Open your shot into Pho­to­shop or El­e­ments and go to your Lay­ers panel (Win­dow>Lay­ers). Click on the Cre­ate new fill or ad­just­ment layer icon and choose Gra­di­ent Map from the list that ap­pears. In the Gra­di­ent Map panel that ap­pears, dou­ble-click on the Gra­di­ent Edi­tor. By de­fault it looks like a long bar with a black and white gra­di­ent.

Blend your colours

Click on the Black/White pre­set, then click on the Color Stop on the left side of the gra­di­ent. In the Color Picker you can now set your teal colour (R:0, G:128, B:128) and hit OK. Then click on the Color Stop on the right side of the gra­di­ent and set a light or­ange colour (R:255, G:180, B:115) and hit OK. Now hit OK once again to close the Gra­di­ent Edi­tor. Back in the Lay­ers panel, change the blend­ing mode to Soft Light. Then re­duce the Layer Opac­ity un­til it looks good.


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