Cre­ate re­al­is­tic con­trast

Practical Photography (UK) - - Photoshop Geniius -

For re­al­ism, your char­ac­ters need to look like they’ve been il­lu­mi­nated by the same light source or sources as the cam­era in the main pic. Go to the Tool­box and click on the Burn Tool to make it ac­tive. This tool can be used to darken pix­els de­pend­ing on their tonal­ity by set­ting the Range be­tween High­lights, Mid­tones and Shad­ows. For this pic we kept the Range to ei­ther Mid­tones or Shad­ows and set the Ex­po­sure to 3% for a re­ally grad­ual ef­fect. Then, with a soft brush, you can paint over the ar­eas you want to darken to cre­ate the il­lu­sion that it’s in shade. You can also use the Dodge Tool in a sim­i­lar fash­ion, set­ting the Range to ei­ther High­lights or Mid­tones to paint in high­lights on your model.

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