Add a Layer Mask and clean it up

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Now that you’ve se­lected the part of your model that you want to use, go to your Lay­ers panel

(Win­dow>Lay­ers) and click on the Add Layer Mask icon – it looks like a rec­tan­gle with a cir­cle in­side it. You’ll now just see the white se­lec­tion, so now you have to hit Ctrl+I to in­vert your Layer Mask. Now you’ll see just your model and no white back­ground. You need to tidy up your Layer Mask to make it look as re­al­is­tic as pos­si­ble. To do this, go to the Tool­box and grab the Brush Tool and choose a hard-edged brush. Set the Opac­ity and Flow to 100% and change the size with the [ and ] keys. Brush over any white edges that ap­pear around your model or around the edge of your orig­i­nal se­lec­tion.

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