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Practical Photography (UK) - - Photoshop Geniius -

Go to the Tool­box and click on the Quick Se­lec­tion Tool. Draw over your white back­ground to se­lect it and keep brushing over the white ar­eas un­til they’re all se­lected. Use the [ and ] keys to re­size your brush ac­cord­ingly, and if you need to re­move an area from your se­lec­tion, hold down the Alt key and then brush over the of­fend­ing area to re­move it. When you’ve got all of the white back­ground you need to tidy up the se­lec­tion. To do this, go to Se­lect>Re­fine Edge and set the Feather to 1px. Us­ing the Re­fine Ra­dius Tool from the Re­fine Edge panel, you can brush over all of the fly­away hairs to add them to your se­lec­tion. When you’ve got all of the hairs, hit the OK but­ton.

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