Paint in some shad­ows

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To cre­ate shad­ows on the floor or against the cam­era body, you’ll need to paint them in man­u­ally. Go to Layer>New Layer, then go to the Tool­box and click on the Brush Tool. As­sess the shad­ows in your main cam­era pic and if the shad­ows are quite hard you’ll need to choose a hard-edged brush. If the shad­ows are soft and dif­fused you’ll need to choose a soft-edged brush. Set the Brush Tool Opac­ity to 100% and change the Size by us­ing the [ and ] keys. Paint in your shad­ows and drop the Layer Opac­ity down un­til the shadow looks nat­u­ral. You also need to drag your shadow Layer so it ap­pears be­low your por­trait. It can also be handy to re­name your Lay­ers like in the pic above.

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