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1 Brighten your whites

To in­crease con­trast, open your shot into Pho­to­shop or El­e­ments and click on the Dodge Tool. Set the Range to Mid­tones or High­lights, and the Ex­po­sure to 3%. Then brush over any mid­tones that you want to brighten up. This will give the shot much more con­trast and make it brighter too. You could also make the shad­ows deeper by choos­ing the Burn Tool from the Tool­box, set­ting the Range to Shad­ows or Mid­tones and the Ex­po­sure to 3%. Then you could brush over any dark ar­eas you want to be darker. In ei­ther case, go slowly and use a low Ex­po­sure value so that you don’t burn out your shad­ows or high­lights to pure black or white.

2 Re­move dis­trac­tions

To make sure the moun­tain face gets the viewer’s full at­ten­tion you could re­move the two trees from the bot­tom edge, which are a lit­tle scruffy and pull the eye away from the main fo­cal point. It’s easy to do this in Pho­to­shop. Just click on the Spot Heal­ing Brush Tool from the Tool­box and re­size the brush with the [ and ] keys un­til your cur­sor is slightly big­ger than the area you want to re­move. Then paint over the of­fend­ing area and Pho­to­shop will re­move it.

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