Cre­ate sil­ver screen ef­fects

Dan Mold re­veals how to make your pho­tos look like they’ve been pulled from a Hol­ly­wood movie with just a few clicks.

Practical Photography (UK) - - Spring -

Make your pho­tos look like they’ve been pulled from a Hol­ly­wood movie.

THIS MONTH WE’VE GONE manic for the movies, and recre­ated three clas­sic treat­ments that’ll give your shots in­stant Hol­ly­wood glam­our. By the end of this tu­to­rial you’ll be able to rev your images up with a high-con­trast, full-throt­tle warm­ing ef­fect, add a hazy lens flare that’ll give your pic­tures a dreamy qual­ity, and ap­ply the pop­u­lar or­ange and teal ton­ing that re­ally helps peo­ple pop out from their sur­round­ings.

Each tech­nique is highly stylised and tai­lored to make your shots stand out. They can all be ap­plied in a mat­ter of min­utes with just a few clicks, and are easy enough to use if you’re still grasp­ing the ba­sics of Pho­to­shop or El­e­ments.

The first tech­nique is all about in­creas­ing con­trast and adding some warmth to your pic to give it a strik­ing, sum­mery vibe. You just need to find a suit­able im­age to get go­ing. As with all of these tech­niques, re­mem­ber to save the fin­ished im­age as a new file, rather than over the orig­i­nal, us­ing File>Save As, and save your pic­ture as a JPEG.

BE­FORE Left The orig­i­nal photo has bags of sus­pense and at­mos­phere – it looks like it’s been pulled straight from a film. Right A sim­ple warm-up and heavy con­trast treat­ment has given this im­age some much-needed punch, and the colours are far more...

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