Set your cam­era and shoot

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Se­lect pa­ram­e­ters 1

Find the mul­ti­ple ex­po­sure op­tions in your menu, and set the num­ber of shots you want to merge (usu­ally two). On a Canon, se­lect On: Func/Ctrl and the Ad­di­tive mode. On a Nikon, change the mode to On, and turn Au­to­gain to Off.

Shoot your first im­age 2

You can now take your first shot, en­sur­ing you ex­pose and fo­cus cor­rectly. Feel free to work in man­ual, pro­gram or ei­ther of the semi-au­to­matic modes. Once shot, you may see a semi-trans­par­ent over­lay to help you com­pose your sec­ond im­age.

Take your sec­ond im­age 3

Line up your sec­ond im­age care­fully, ad­just­ing ex­po­sure set­tings if nec­es­sary, and mak­ing sure you re­fo­cus. You can now check your shot by press­ing the im­age re­view but­ton. Make sev­eral at­tempts at each shot, as the re­sults will be dif­fer­ent ev­ery time.

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