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The EVF is only nec­es­sary as CSCs lack a mir­ror (al­though early EVFs were used with semi-translu­cent mir­rors, they weren’t as pre­cise, of­ten los­ing up to half a stop of light), mean­ing that in­stead of the view from the lens be­ing re­flected up to the viewfinder, the sen­sor can now dig­i­tally ren­der a full pre­view. The ben­e­fits of this sys­tem are im­me­di­ately ev­i­dent, with the pre­view in­stantly up­dat­ing to show any changes in set­tings as you make them. Hav­ing an EVF also lets you re­view im­ages in bright, sunny con­di­tions where re­view­ing on an LCD wouldn’t be pos­si­ble.

Above The lack of a mir­ror al­lows the EVF to dis­play a per­fect pre­view of ev­ery shot.

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