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You can add ad­di­tional con­trast changes even at this late stage us­ing the Dodge and Burn tools. In fact, it’s a good idea to leave this to the end, as you’ll get a better idea of how the im­age needs to be com­pleted. Hav­ing left the Lay­ers of the im­age in­tact, click on the Back­ground Layer and press Ctrl+J to du­pli­cate it. Now pick the Dodge Tool (O), and in the Op­tions bar, set its Range to Mid­tones, and its Ex­po­sure to 5%. Run it over ar­eas to lighten, such as the lead-in line of the lad­der and steps here. Next switch the Range to High­lights and re­peat. Press Shift+O to switch to the Burn Tool, then set its Range to Shad­ows Ex­po­sure to 5%. Run it over any ar­eas to darken. Fi­nally, go to

Layer>Flat­ten Im­age and then save your com­pleted shot.

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