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To com­plete the im­age, open a tex­ture, like the stoney one used here. Press Ctrl+A to Se­lect All, Ctrl+C to Copy, and close the pic­ture. Back on the land­scape, press Ctrl+V to Paste the tex­ture in. It’ll ap­pear at the top of the Layer stack (as­sum­ing the pre­vi­ous top Layer was ac­tive when you pasted it in). Now, in the Lay­ers pal­ette, click where it says Nor­mal and change the blend­ing mode to Soft Light. If the ef­fect isn’t strong enough for your lik­ing, you can choose Over­lay in­stead. Al­ter­na­tively, if the ef­fect is too strong, click on the Opac­ity set­ting and lower it. Any colour that’s in the new tex­ture Layer will in­ter­act with the rest of the pic­ture, so if you want just the tex­ture alone press Ctrl+Shift+U to de­sat­u­rate it.

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