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Go to Fil­ter>Fil­ter Gallery then to Artis­tic>Cutout. Set the Num­ber of Lev­els to 8, Edge Sim­plic­ity to 0, Edge Fidelity to 3 and hit OK. Now go back to your Lay­ers panel and click the sketch Layer at the top of the Lay­ers stack to make it ac­tive and click the eye icon to make it vis­i­ble again. Change the Layer blend­ing mode from Nor­mal to Over­lay and drop the Layer Opac­ity un­til it looks good. Fi­nally, click on the Hor­i­zon­tal Type Tool in the Tool­box, run it over the area you want the text to ap­pear and type in the species name, then tweak the Colour, Font and Text Size to your lik­ing.

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