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Open your im­age in Pho­to­shop and cre­ate a du­pli­cate Layer (Ctrl+J). This is the Layer you will be work­ing on. Now se­lect the Clone Stamp Tool (S) and se­lect your source point by hold­ing down Alt and click­ing just be­low the area you want to clean up – for us this is the lighter patch un­der the eye but above the cheek. Set your Opac­ity to 20%, and se­lect a large soft edged brush. Now start brush­ing in the lighter area with long strokes, mak­ing sure you don’t paint over the eye. If you have made a mis­take, don’t for­get you can undo your last steps, mul­ti­ple times, with Ctrl+Z un­til you’re safely back to a point be­fore you went wrong.


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