Smooth the wrin­kles

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Un­der-eye bags al­ways bring with them loose skin, which cre­ates wrin­kles. Se­lect the Heal­ing Brush Tool (J), hold down Alt and click in an area that has the smooth tex­ture you want, such as some­where on the cheek. Set your brush to a soft edge and en­sure your size is larger than the in­di­vid­ual lines you want to re­move, then start brush­ing each line one by one in long, sin­gle strokes. Make sure you don’t get too close to the eye or any area that dis­plays a dras­tic change in con­trast, colour or tone (such as the hair­line or the back­ground) – this may con­fuse the Heal­ing Tool and leave you with a blurred smudge. The most im­por­tant thing to re­mem­ber is that you must leave a lit­tle de­tail di­rectly be­neath the eye to keep the im­age look­ing nat­u­ral. If you clean up the area en­tirely, you will have a nasty-look­ing plas­tic ef­fect, which we want to avoid.

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