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Affin­ity Photo boasts pow­er­ful fea­tures, such as se­lec­tion tools, Lay­ers and Masks, all of which are es­sen­tial for dig­i­tal mash-ups.

MAKE YOUR SE­LEC­TION Affin­ity of­fers a hand­ful of tools which al­low you to cre­ate se­lec­tions, rang­ing from quick and easy, to ex­tremely pre­cise and com­plex. This is a key area when it comes to cre­at­ing in­tri­cate composites.

THE MIGHTY PEN The Pen Tool al­lows for the most pre­cise se­lec­tions, let­ting you fine-tune the di­rec­tion of travel, as well as cre­ate pixel-per­fect curves and spot-on cut-outs.

LAYER MASKS Layer Masks al­low you to hide an in­di­vid­ual Layer’s ef­fects from the rest of the image, while re­tain­ing the in­for­ma­tion should you change your mind at a later date – an es­sen­tial for com­plex composites.

LEARN TO RE­FINE Re­fine al­lows you to al­ter your se­lec­tions af­ter the fact, go­ing as far as of­fer­ing a Matte Brush, which makes Affin­ity do the hard work on tough se­lec­tions, such as fly­away hair. This makes the whole se­lec­tion process in­cred­i­bly pow­er­ful and very pro­fes­sional.

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