1986 Kawasaki AR50 C4

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“MY AR is a C4 model and started life in green, but it was re­stored in C7 colours be­fore I bought it a year ago. It’s stan­dard apart from a der­e­stricted CDI and a Mi­cron pipe, so it revs all the way through to the red­line and tops out at about 40mph. I’m on the hunt for a com­plete AR80 en­gine to make it faster - they’re get­ting hard to find though. I love it; I was af­ter a TS50X like I had when I was 16, but then I got into the AR scene and ended up with this. I’d like one of all the ’peds me and my mates had when we were younger. I’ve got an MTX50 with a H100 mo­tor as well – I’d like a TS and a DT to com­plete the set.”

Look­ing for an 80 en­gine for it (nat­u­rally)

40mph tops from a 50

Tidy span­nie rout­ing

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