Things I’ve learnt

Practical Sportsbikes (UK) - - Honda Fireblade -

1. Buy the most com­plete bike you can – it helps you un­der­stand how it all goes to­gether and there might be parts, like screws, fix­ings and small parts – that you sim­ply can’t buy any more and you have to re­store in­stead.

2. Don’t have more than one project on the go at one time. It’s so easy to get drawn into buy­ing an­other ebay spe­cial be­fore you’ve fin­ished the one you’re work­ing on. Re­sist it!

3. Don’t be afraid to have a crack at it. I was afraid of the carbs, but had a go and they need a bit of tweak­ing but it’s worked out.

4. Get the right tools for the job. Screws are a good ex­am­ple; if you use a Phillips screw­driver on a Ja­panese screw – with a raised dot on the face – it’ll cam out and strip it. A JIS driver – Ja­panese In­dus­trial Stan­dard – won’t.

5. Just keep go­ing. Even if some­thing’s a chore – like the wiring loom; my mis­sus watched an en­tire box-set while I did it – just go through it. It’s worth it.

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