1997 Kawasaki ZX-9R

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Twelve hun­dred quid for a shabby ZX-9R B? Don’t think so. You can bag your­self a re­ally good one from £1600 so why would you pay that much for this, es­pe­cially when it’s been laid up for two years and is ad­ver­tised as spares or re­pairs. The fair­ing’s bro­ken, the paint is nasty, rust abounds and that stubby can should be lobbed in the near­est bin. We’ve seen bet­ter ‘spares or re­pairs’ ZX-9S for £795. This is 700 quid. Tops. Or bet­ter still, walk on by… Gary says: Ab­soutely not. This fella’s clearly not com­pared prices and seen what ZX-9S are ac­tu­ally worth. That’ll need new tyres, chain, sprock­ets, full ser­vice, deep clean and more. Save your­self the has­sle. Buy a good one and ride it.

Plus weeds and in­sect life for £1200. Nope

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