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Practical Sportsbikes (UK) - - Buying -

1 En­gine

Bul­let­proof apart from oil drain tubes at the front of the en­gine which can cor­rode. Re­place­ment re­quires re­moval of the cylin­der head.

2 Tank

Cor­rodes from the in­side, es­pe­cially when left to stand with a mix­ture of old fuel and con­den­sa­tion.

3 Brakes

Lack of main­te­nance leads to slid­ing calipers that don’t slide and pis­tons that don’t re­tract.

4 Ex­haust

A mix­ture of stain­less and mild steel which means parts of the sys­tem don’t cor­rode while oth­ers do, while all sec­tions are prone to crack­ing.

5 Forks

Weak springs, same af­flic­tion as the Bandit. They’ll be very tired by now too, mak­ing them even softer.

6 Electrics

Look out for verdi­gris green spades and con­nec­tors. Rusty earths and tired wiring are be­com­ing is­sues too.

7 Carbs

Di­aphragms are get­ting to an age where they split. Worn float valve nee­dles are com­mon is­sues too.

8 Shocks

Praised for a ‘com­fort­able’ na­ture when new, they will now be past com­fort and into saggy. Given the price of OE units, af­ter­mar­ket is the way to go.

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