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Practical Sportsbikes (UK) - - Falco V Futura -

“I’m re­ally lov­ing the Falco – it’s just a re­ally pos­i­tive mo­tor­bike. Ev­ery­thing from the gear­box to the sus­pen­sion, the way you can just dial in the power... It’s an all-round great road bike, re­ally. And this is a re­ally nice ex­am­ple. Ev­ery­thing’s there: great brakes, the sus­pen­sion feels good – and it’s a real wheelie ma­chine if you want it to be. You just feel very well con­nected. It’s very re­as­sur­ing. Styling-wise it’s just time­less. It’s 17 years old but it still looks great.

“The Fu­tura is just a bit tired, this ex­am­ple’s a bit worn and has a few prob­lems. The first thing that stands out when you ride it is the lack of move­ment in the rear shock and there’s very lit­tle damp­ing. Plus when I first set off I caught my right foot on the bot­tom of the fair­ing rather than the rear brake pedal so the lay­out there isn’t very well thought out, ei­ther.

“But apart from that, er­gonom­i­cally the Fu­tura works re­ally well and, al­though it’s a bit of a big, heavy lump it’s also a re­ally well-bal­anced bike.

It turns well on its axis and you can change line re­ally well, too. It’s just that this ex­am­ple is a bit tired – it’s also lack­ing a bit of front brake, too. So for me it’d be the Falco, easy – it’s just much more fun and I think I could do miles on it even though it’s a more ag­gres­sive rid­ing po­si­tion than the Fu­tura. And if you can still get one for £2000-£2500? That’s pretty amaz­ing.”

“I could do miles on the Falco, de­spite its more ag­gres­sive rid­ing po­si­tion”

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