How you could save a life

Would you know what to do in an emer­gency? Dr Sarah Brewer re­veals all you need to know to act quickly in a cri­sis

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Dr Sarah Brewer re­veals all you need to know in an emer­gency

The re­cov­ery po­si­tion

You may re­mem­ber learn­ing this as a child, but it’s use­ful to re­fresh your knowl­edge of this sim­ple tech­nique. If you know the re­cov­ery po­si­tion, you can keep an un­re­spon­sive per­son’s air­way open un­til med­i­cal help ar­rives.

1 If they are on their back, straighten their arms and legs. Kneel­ing be­side them, lift the arm near­est to you side­ways at right an­gles to their body. Lay their fore­arm and palm up­wards, par­al­lel with their head.

2 Bring their other arm across their chest and put the back of that hand against their cheek near­est to you. Hold it there with the flat of your hand. Lift the knee far­thest from you so that their foot is on the floor, next to their other knee.

3 Pull the bent knee to­wards you, so the per­son rolls to­wards you on to their side, al­most face down.

Tilt their head back to open the air­way to drain vomit or saliva. Po­si­tion the top leg 90 de­grees to their body so it stops them rolling on to their stom­ach.

Don’t move some­one if you sus­pect they have a spinal in­jury, un­less their breath­ing is af­fected or they need to be re­moved from dan­ger.

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