‘I can’t shake th­ese colds...’

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You’re prob­a­bly low on vitamin C and zinc, and your im­mu­nity is on the fritz. You know the drill – it’s time to build your­self up ready to face the win­ter.

WHAT TO TAKE ‘There are so many reme­dies out there, but I have my favourites,’ says Rick. They are...

OLIVE LEAF ‘Re­search shows that olive leaf ex­tract, with its an­tibac­te­rial prop­er­ties, can bol­ster im­mu­nity and fight colds and flu viruses.’ Take it as liq­uid or cap­sules – it’s your choice. TRY Olive Leaf Ex­tract Im­mune Sup­port, £24.98 for 60 cap­sules, Comvita.

PROBIOTICS ‘Ev­ery­one should take one daily. Im­mu­nity starts in the gut, and happy gut flora mean a boosted im­mune sys­tem.’ TRY Optibac For Ev­ery Day, £11.99 for 30 cap­sules, Re­vi­tal.

MANUKA ‘The honey with great nu­tri­tional cred. Packed with en­zymes, vits and min­er­als, it’s said to boost im­mu­nity as well as deal with sore throats, al­ler­gies and more. Eat it from the spoon or add to hot wa­ter and drink. TRY Wat­son & Son Manuka Honey 16+, £43.95 for 250g, G Baldwin & Co.

ELDERBERRY ‘A real clas­sic, and a top an­tivi­ral and im­mu­nity booster. Nat­u­rally high in vitamin C, B6 and more, it can help shorten colds and flu.’ TRY Im­mune + Elderberry, £21.99 for 60 tablets, Swisse. They’re a great en­ergy booster, too!

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