‘Ahhh, the bloat­ing…’

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This could be a sign that your diges­tive en­zymes – which help break down food in the gut – aren’t up to snuff. Stress, rushed eat­ing, an out-of-kilter diet and age­ing can put the brakes on them, giv­ing you gas, wind and bloat­ing.

WHAT TO TAKE ‘Eat­ing a bal­anced diet will help,’ says Rick. ‘In­clude whole, raw and fer­mented foods and take a diges­tive en­zyme sup­ple­ment to help things along.’ TRY Udo’s Choice Ul­ti­mate Diges­tive En­zymes Blend, £21.99 for 60 cap­sules, Re­vi­tal. WHAT TO DO Drink tum-de­flat­ing herbal tea, such as pep­per­mint, fen­nel or gin­ger. TRY Yogi Tea Or­ganic Stom­ach Ease, £2.39 for 17 bags, Re­vi­tal.

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