‘The cor­ners of my mouth are cracked…’

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And prob­a­bly a bit sore, too. Af­ter the tongue, it’s one of the clas­sic places that re­veals a nu­tri­tional let-down. ‘It’s a sign that your body isn’t get­ting enough B vits, and it’s of­ten due to a diet heavy in sugar and re­fined foods,’ says Rick. WHAT TO TAKE ‘Start by eat­ing more whole­foods, then add

B-rich eats, such as salmon, eggs, por­ridge, nuts and seeds,’ sug­gests Rick. ‘And start tak­ing a re­ally good vitamin B com­plex to plug any gaps.’ TRY Terra Nova B Com­plex with vitamin C, £24 for 100 cap­sules, Planet Or­ganic. WHAT TO DO Dab a lit­tle aloe vera gel or some co­conut oil on the ‘cor­ners’ daily to keep skin hy­drated and sup­ple.

Plus, they help pre­vent cracks.

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