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1 If the per­son can still breathe, en­cour­age them to cough, as this will help to loosen the ob­ject.

2 Stand be­hind them, put an arm across their up­per chest and bend them for­wards. Give up to five sharp blows be­tween shoul­der blades, us­ing the heel of your hand.

3 If this fails, lean them for­wards and place a clenched fist against their up­per ab­domen just above their belly but­ton. Hold this fist with your other hand, and pull firmly in­wards and up­wards to dis­lodge the ob­ject. If this doesn’t work, re­peat up to five times. Con­tinue this un­til you clear the ob­ject or you have to start CPR.

Don’t give ab­dom­i­nal thrusts to ba­bies un­der one or preg­nant women. Lay in­fants face down on your lap while sup­port­ing their head and give up to five blows on their back. If this doesn’t work, per­form chest thrusts by plac­ing two fin­gers on the mid­dle of their breast­bone and giv­ing up to five sharp com­pres­sions. For preg­nant women, if back blows don’t work, try chest thrusts by plac­ing your fist against their ster­num rather than the ab­domen and push in­wards up to five times.

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