Se­vere bleed­ing

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Re­cently, a friend knocked on my door and held up his fin­ger, which had been sev­ered by his dog’s lead out­side my house! I placed it in a bag, kept it cool and drove to A&E.

If some­one is bleed­ing heav­ily, ei­ther from a cut or an­other cause, such as mis­car­riage, call an am­bu­lance.

Lie the per­son down and check for any ob­vi­ous wound. Ap­ply con­tin­u­ous pres­sure over it with your hand, us­ing a clean pad, if pos­si­ble. If blood seeps through the pad, don’t re­move it – ap­ply an­other on top so you don’t dis­turb the wound. Main­tain pres­sure un­til bleed­ing stops, then ban­dage wound firmly.

If some­thing is em­bed­ded in the wound, such as glass, don’t re­move it. In­stead, press firmly on ei­ther side of the ob­ject. If a fin­ger has been sev­ered, place it in a sealed plas­tic bag, keep it cool

(for ex­am­ple, place the bag in­side an­other bag con­tain­ing iced wa­ter) and give it to paramedics – it may be pos­si­ble to reat­tach it.

• Thanks to St John Am­bu­lance for its help. For more first aid ad­vice, visit

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