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Dry eyes are an­other pos­si­ble side ef­fect of the menopause – in fact, around 60% of us suf­fer from them dur­ing that time. It’s un­clear why, but it’s reck­oned that hor­mones al­ter the com­po­si­tion of our tears. THE AN­SWER? To get some lu­bri­ca­tion back! Do that with a smart combo of herbal sup­ple­ments and drops. Try…

Sea Buck­thorn Oil – rich in omega 7, it helps bring mois­ture back to mu­cous mem­branes. Take it along with your reg­u­lar omega 3s.

Euphra­sia – a herb also known as eye­bright. Look for eye drops that con­tain it, as it’s a tra­di­tional rem­edy for eye dry­ness. Try Pharma Nord Omega 7 Sea Buck­thorn Oil, £19.95 for 60 cap­sules, and A. Vo­gel Eye Drops with Euphra­sia, £8.95 for 10ml (both hol­lan­dand­bar­ GOOD MOVE? Drink lots of wa­ter – ap­par­ently your eyes dry out first when you’re de­hy­drated. And use a hu­mid­i­fier in your of­fice – com­puter screens don’t help!

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