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…and your keys, your bag, your dog! ‘Many women talk about “brain fog” and how they go up­stairs and then can’t re­mem­ber why, or read a page in a book and can’t re­mem­ber any of it,’ says Dr Mar­i­lyn Glenville. ‘But re­search shows that brain fog and mem­ory changes equalise and re­turn to pre­menopausal lev­els af­ter the menopause.’ Good news, but what do we do now?

THE AN­SWER? Eat­ing a Mediter­ranean diet is linked to a re­duced in­ci­dence of cog­ni­tive de­cline. So eat more fresh fruit and veg, olive oil and oily fish. GOOD MOVE? Take omega 3s to pro­tect against mem­ory loss, B vi­ta­mins to help pre­vent brain shrink­age, and L-car­ni­tine, which helps in­crease brain re­cep­tors. Try NHP Omega 3 Sup­port, £29.77 for 60 cap­sules, and Brain and Mem­ory Sup­port, £34.78 for 60 cap­sules (both nat­u­ral­health prac­

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